A Very Special 65th

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A friend asked me to take photos of her family for her dad’s 65th birthday. It was such a treat to hang with this fam. 21st century Huxtables! (their words, not mine). Lots of laughter, fun, camera hogging/sharing. I am learning about new lenses & lighting and have an itch to get better. Spreading the love, the Brooklyn way! Thanks for a great shoot, Charisma!

Cuernavaca Park!

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This was by far one of the funnest photo shoots I’ve done in a while. Five adults and three kids (all under the age of 5)! Unfortunately, the weather was much colder than we had anticipated and the grass was still wet, but everyone really made the best of it. I tried to capture as many candid shots as possible, especially of the kids. The hardest part was making sure everyone was looking at the camera at the same time – not an easy task when you are working with a 1 1/2 year old! Luckily, the parents knew to bring some treats to bribe the kids. Ridiculously photogenic family, I hope you enjoy the photos!

c family

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Chloe, Bridget & Matt

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This was my first time photographing a very active four-year-old child. Chloe was really camera-shy at first, but she came out of her shell after I showed her a few photos of herself. What a beautiful family! I really liked all the candid shots of the fam, those are the moments that really stand out. Thank you for the fun shoot, guys!

B Fam

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Rena & Hadriel Are Expecting

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The little Yeshua is on his way! Got to take photos for my new roommates as they celebrate their first child. This baby is gonna be loved like crazy, I’m already looking forward to babysitting for them. We went to beautiful downtown Niles to take some of these shots. It was my first time taking semi-naked photos of a pregnant woman, so still getting some experience with the baby bump. Both of them said that hated being in photos, but they are so freakin photogenic! Love you guys!


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Michelle & Terrell Wedding Reception

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Repeat clients! I had the privilege of shooting both Michelle & Terrell’s engagement photos in SF, and their (second) wedding reception with close friends and family in beautiful Rohnert Park. Some lighting technical difficulties, but it all worked out. It’s very life-giving getting to know folks through photography; I personally just enjoyed being part of the celebration, especially loved their dance version of “hammer time”.

Perhaps baby photos coming up? Who knows. Congrats on a happy wedding! Enjoy your honeymoon!

m&t reception

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Jessica & Filip Get Hitched!

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I had the pleasure of being the photog for jess & filip’s wedding last saturday, held at the Stanford Golf Course. I was fairly worried about the weather and how the elements could really mess up my photos. Fortunately, the weather held the entire afternoon, and even began clearing up during the ceremony. We even saw a certain local politician playing a round of golf on our photoshoot!

This was my first wedding; definitely a lot of learning points for me. It was a long day of work! Needless to say, beautiful wedding. Everything came together just perfectly and it was certainly a treat for me to get a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding business.

Congrats you two!! Hope to see you around.

J&F Wedding

jess & filip wedding shoot

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need to sort through 1000+ photos from last weekend…this is going to take a little bit more time than usual! here’s a bit of an artsy sneak peek from a very beautiful wedding. more to come soon!

shadowing connie | melly & matt fun shoot

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first time being late for a photo shoot… how embarrassing. i stayed way too late at the hu-au’s playing with baby chloe. rule #1: don’t be late. ever. nevertheless, what a great shoot with melissa & matt! (note: this was a fun shoot, NOT engagement shoot). learned a ton of photog and business tips and tricks from my very talented friend, connie sithi. lake chabot turned out to be a beautiful location for nature shots. and of course, melly and matt were the perfect models! it’s as if they walked out of an urban outfitters magazine into my life.

a big THANKS to connie, melly & matt (and mark – thanks for carrying our bags!) for the practice and direction. it was much needed. and…i ordered my gary fong diffuser on amazon! more gadgets!


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erin & joe engagement

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after months of rescheduling, i finally got a chance to take photos of erin and joe! it was a gorgeous day in san francisco. we started at dolores park, made our way to the castro, and eventually ended up with a view of twin peaks. i thought ahead this time and borrowed rociel’s step stool to help with my being vertically challenged. i also ’employed’ an assistant to get my coffee and hold the gold reflectors (thanks, babe). both made a huge difference!

congratulations on getting hitched! it’s about time hehe.

erin & joe

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tegan & dave engagement

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it was a cloudy saturday in half moon bay. regardless, we made it work! it was my first time meeting tegan & dave – a referral from one of my classmates (thanks, hannah!). i know i probably say this about every couple, but seriously, what a great couple! we took a walking tour down main street in downtown hmb, stopping along the way to take a few shots. lots of color and life around, despite the foreboding clouds overhead.

so jealous you guys are going to sicily! thanks again!


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